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Eleonora Satta

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Neurodevelopmental Disorders


CNCS@UniTn Trento


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I am interested in studying brain development to understand how we learn to make sense of other people’s actions. I took a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology. During my PhD, I studied how inter-personal coordination skills develop in children using a joint-action paradigm. During my previous postdocs I analyzed single cell recordings, eye tracking, and magnetoencephalography (MEG) data. I am now working on developing novel eye tracking and EEG/MEG paradigms to investigate action understanding skills in autistic children.


brain development social cognition action understanding neurodevelopmental disorders eye tracking EEG/MEG

Selected Publications

  • Satta, E., Ferrari-Toniolo S., Visco-Comandini F., Caminiti R., & Battaglia-Mayer A. “Development of motor coordination during joint action in mid-childhood”. Neuropsychologia 105 (2017): 111-122. 
  • Battaglia-Mayer, A., Babicola, L., & Satta, E. "Parieto-frontal gradients and domains underlying eye and hand operations in the action space." Neuroscience 334 (2016): 76-92. 
  • Visco-Comandini, F., Ferrari-Toniolo, S., Satta, E., Papazachariadis, O., Gupta, R., Nalbant, L. E., & Battaglia-Mayer, A. "Do non-human primates cooperate? Evidences of motor coordination during a joint action task in macaque monkeys."Cortex 70 (2015): 115-127. 


  • 2019 ‘Young researcher starting grant’, 5910 €. University of Trento, Italy.
  • 2018 Seal of Excellence’, European Commission, call Horizon 2020’s MSCA-IF-2017.


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