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Caterina Gasperini

PhD Student Fellow

Research Line

Neurobiology of miRNA


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


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Current Position - Fellow

Neurobiology of miRNA, PhD Davide De Pietri Tonelli
Project: piRNAs in mammalian neurogenesis


2015 - Master’s Degree in “Molecular Biology and Genetics”

Cell Biology and Neurobiology laboratory, Prof. Maria Grazia Bottone and Prof. Graziella Bernocchi
M. Thesis “Study on postnatal brain development in prolidase deficient mice:
extracellular matrix and neurotransmission”
Department of Biology and Biotechnology “L. Spallanzani”
University of Pavia, Italy


August 2014 - Internship

Neurobiology laboratory, PhD Michela Fagiolini
Department of Neurobiology, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA


2013 - Bachelor’s degree in “Biological and Molecular Sciences”

Medical Genetics laboratory, Prof. Lucia Migliore and Prof. Isabella Sbrana
B.Sc. Thesis: “In vitro studies of cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of silica
nanoparticles with different surface charge”
Department of humans and environment
University of Pisa, Italy


Selected Publications


Bernocchi G., Fanizzi F. P., De Pascali S. A., Piccolini V. M., Gasperini C., Insolia V., Bottone M. G. (2015). Neurotoxic Effects of Platinum Compounds: Studies in vivo on Intracellular Calcium Homeostasis in the Immature Central Nervous System. Toxics 2015, 3(2), 224-248.


Coppa F., Insolia V., Gasperini C., Maruelli S., Besio R., Forlino A., Bernocchi G., Bottone M.G. “Phosphorylated Tau in Purkinje neurons. Neuroarchitectural alterations of cerebellar cortex in prolidase deficient mice.” 61st Congress of the Italian Embryological Group and 36th Congress of the Italian Society of Histochemistry. June 7-10, 2015. Pisa, Italy. – Published on European Journal of Histochemistry : EJH, 59(1), 2537.

Insolia V., Coppa F., Gasperini C., Maruelli S., Besio R., Forlino A., Bernocchi G.,Bottone M.G. “Cerebellar cortex neuroarchitecture is altered in prolidase deficient mice” PhD national meeting SINS. February 26, 2015. Naples, Italy


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