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Sahitya Kumar Avugadda

Visiting Scientist
Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
Research center

Sahitya Kumar Avugadda completed his Ph.D. in the curricula of Nanochemistry from the University of Genova in 2020, under the supervision of Dr. Teresa Pellegrino (from the Italian Institute of Technology), with 5+ years of experience in developing multifunctional theranostic nano-assemblies for biomedical needs. He also received a master's degree in chemistry from the University of Siena, Italy, and  Masters's in Clinical Research Management for Prist university, and Bachelors's in Chemistry from Andhra University, India. He previously worked in a multinational company, Merck Sereno, Mumbai India as a Regional Clinical Research associate.


Title: Doctor of Philosopy
Institute: University of Genova
Location: Genova
Country: Italy
From: 2016 To: 2020

Title: Masters in Chemistry
Institute: Univeristy of Siena
Location: Siena
Country: Italy
From: 2014 To: 2016

All Publications
Serio F., Silvestri N., Kumar Avugadda S., Nucci G.E.P., Nitti S., Onesto V., Catalano F., D'Amone E., Gigli G., del Mercato L.L., Pellegrino T.
Co-loading of doxorubicin and iron oxide nanocubes in polycaprolactone fibers for combining Magneto-Thermal and chemotherapeutic effects on cancer cells
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 607, pp. 34-44
Avugadda S K., Andrea Castelli., Dhanabalan B., Fernandez T., Silvestri N., Collantes N., Dmitry Baranov., Imran M., Manna L., Pellegrino T., Milena P. Arciniegas.
Highly Emitting Perovskite Nanocrystals with 2-Year Stability in Water through an Automated Polymer Encapsulation for Bioimaging
ACS Nano
Nadja C Bigall., Marina Rodio., Avugadda S K., Manuel P Leal., Riccardo Di Corato., John S. Conteh., Romuald Intartaglia., Pellegrino T.
Scaling Up Magnetic Nanobead Synthesis with Improved Stability for Biomedical Applications
The journal of physical chemistry A
Article in Press Journal
Helena G R., Avugadda S K., Tamara F C., Nisarg S., Marco C., Binh T M., Roy C., Pellegrino T.
Magnetic nanoparticles and clusters for magnetic hyperthermia: optimizing their heat performance and developing combinatorial therapies to tackle cancer
Chemical Society Reviews
Avugadda S K., Wickramasinghe S., Niculaes D., Ju M., Lak A., Silvestri N., Nitti S., Roy I., Samia A C S., Pellegrino T.
Uncovering the Magnetic Particle Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features of Iron Oxide Nanocube Clusters
Nanomaterials, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. 62
Oral presentations
Avugadda S. K., Niculaes D., Maria Elena Materia., Lak A., Francisco J.Teran., Ipsita Roy., Pellegrino T.
Assemblies of highly efficient iron oxide nanocubes for magnetic (fluid) hyperthermia to treat tumors
International Conference on Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology
Awards and Achievements
Avugadda S K., Silvestri N., Gavilán H.
B4i Bacconi Pre-Acceleration program
Sahitya Kumar A., Dina N., Aidin L., Pellegrino T.
Controlled clustering of iron oxide nanocubes for magnetic fluid hyperthermia treatment.
Sahitya K Avugadda.
Yound Researcher Award