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Paolo Soleni

IT Technician / Machine Learning Engineer
Cultural Heritage Technologies
Research center

I began my career in a company that switched its core business from IT to electronic device design. During those years I was employed in different roles (from developer to analyst, team leader and coordinator), and I had the chance to relate with main customers - both private and in the Public Administration. Projects I was involved in included software analysis and development (with some "assembly-like" experiences), hardware/software integrated systems prototypes building (e.g. datalogging systems) and fieldwork installations.

I then seized the opportunity of a research fellowship at Università Ca' Foscari , dealing with subjects as open data, smart cities, data analysis for the Public Administration. My personal goal was to enhance my theoretical background and technical skills, tools and methodologies on these topics, focusing on data analysis and management. Besides, it has been an occasion to cast a first glance on the academic research world.

Back into the enterprise world, I've been employed in an healthcare and insurance company as a member of the machine learning / AI team, where I mainly dealt with projects in the domains of NLP and computer vision.

Actually, I'm proudly member of the IIT family at the CCHT Center in Venice.
My actual role is IT technician and machine / deep learning engineer, and currently I'm focusing on deep learning and computer vision techniques to satellite imagery / earth observation / remote sensing data.