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Marco Salerno

AFM specialist
Affiliated Researcher
Nanoscopy & NIC@IIT
Research center

1986-1993: MSc in Physics in Pisa; Thesis on the measurement of friction by AFM.
1994-1995: civil service in La Spezia.
1996-1998: Scholarship in Elba Island, Leghorn (Technobiochip PNB-PST), on the development of neural network driven AFM.
1999-2002: PhD in 2002 in Graz (Austria), on the measurement of particle plasmons by SNOM.
2002-2003: Postdoc in Modena (INFM), on electrical micro/nano-contacts fabrication and characterization by EC-STM.
2003-2006: Junior Researcher in Lecce (NNL-INFM), on EBL of silica and AFM characterization.
2007-2011: Team Leader in Genova (iit-Nanobiotechnology facilities), running the SPM Lab.
2012-2016: Research Technologist in Genova (iit-Nanophysics Dept), working on anodic porous alumina and dental materials.
2017-2019: Research Associate at MUT (Poland), on advanced materials technologies.
2018-: Senior Technician in Genova (MCF@iit), running the SPM Lab service.
2020-: Ronin and IGDORE independent research scholar
2021-: Research Associate at TU Dresden (Germany), on advanced materials technologies.