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Life at IIT - Key points


We offer all IIT staff a benefit, in the form of a private health insurance plan. The cost of the insurance is fully covered by the Foundation, while the taxation remains in charge of the beneficiary and is applied pursuant the Italian law.

If requested, the insurance is also applicable to family members of the staff. In this case, depending on the role covered by the beneficiary, a contribution may be requested.
Moreover, for all staff, IIT takes out an insurance policy against occupational accidents in addition to the mandatory insurance for accidents at work provided by INAIL(link?). This insurance policy, for some categories of IIT personnel, also covers non-professional accidents.

Lastly, in order to offer tangible support in case of need during the COVID-19 pandemic, a benefit package was provided to all throughout 2020, consisting of insurance coverage and a post-hospitalization assistance service.

We help you with bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is often a stumbling block when changing work environment and even nation. 
For this reason, we are committed to offering our international staff support for the management of bureaucratic procedures that are necessary for the transfer and relocation to Italy.

Before arriving at IIT, we guide future colleagues in the process of obtaining an entry visa, simplifying relations with the Embassies and Consulates and coordinating the necessary procedures and appointments with the Italian Prefectures and Police Headquarters.

Once arrived in Italy, foreign researchers will receive our support in obtaining:

• residence permit, essential for your stay in Italy;
• health card that entitles you to receive health care from the National Health Service;
• registration of your residence.

We also lend you a hand in compiling and sending international family reunification practices to allow your families to join you here.

Finally, thanks to dedicated agreements, we guarantee our support in opening a bank account, requesting a subscription for public transport and finding accommodation through contacts with various real estate agencies.

Fiscal Support

To facilitate the staff in completing their annual tax return, IIT has an agreement with a tax assistance center. To those who request it, it is possible to meet the consultants both virtually and directly at the IIT center where they work, paying for the service at a reduced rate compared to the standard one.

Additionally, all foreign staff and repatriated Italian staff will be able to count on our support in requesting tax breaks related to periods of work abroad.

For more complicated situations, staff coming from abroad can be put in contact with an additional consulting company that specializes in tax, social security and international labor law.

Relocation Package

For senior researchers (in Tenure Track, Tenured or holders of specific coordination assignments) who come from abroad, IIT recognizes the reimbursement of the moving costs only as follows:

  • in the event of a relocation within the European geographical area, the actual moving costs in which you incurred will be reimbursed, up to a maximum of Euro 3,500;
  • if the relocation takes place from non-European countries towards Italy, the  actual moving costs in which you incurred will be reimbursed, up to a maximum of Euro 6,000.

Front Desk

If you have any doubts, we are here to support you! 
The Human Capital and Organizational Development Directorate offers assistance for any need related to the management of people and the employment relationship, on an ongoing basis from Monday to Friday thanks to a front desk. It is a physical and virtual space where you can go chat to the specialists of different areas, according to a calendar established for each topic (for example contracts, pensions, support for non-EU collaborators).

Staff Discounts

We are constantly working to expand the range of discounts for outdoor activities, restaurants, museums, theaters, sports centers, language schools, real estate agencies, hotels and mobility services and more, through ad hoc agreements with service managers.