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Post-Doc researcher at IIT. After completing his master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, he pursued a Ph.D. in BioElectronics and BioRobotics working on super-resolution optical imaging and on the design of novel advanced optical systems for imaging and fabrication. His main expertise is related to optical design, rapid prototyping, and software development. He is co-founder of Genoa Instruments, he completed several entrepreneurship programs (Bocconi for Innovation, G-Factor for LifeSciences, IIT HTE).  He is in love with innovation, technology, sketching, and finance.

All Publications
Tortarolo G., Zunino A., Fersini F., Castello M., Piazza S., Sheppard C.J.R., Bianchini P., Diaspro A., Koho S., Vicidomini G.
Focus image scanning microscopy for sharp and gentle super-resolved microscopy
Nature Communications, vol. 13, (no. 1)
Tortarolo G., Piazza S., Zunino A., Bucci A., Zappone S., Bianchini P., Sheppard C. J. R., Diaspro A., Slenders E., Castello M., Vicidomini G.
STED-ISM enables gentler and higher-contrast super-resolution imaging
Focus On Microscopy
Poster Conference
Cuneo L., Baldini F., Castello M., Nepita I., Piazza S., Vergani L., Diaspro A.
An Automated Tool to Analyse 3D Fluorescence Images of Stained Nuclei
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers
Conference Paper Conference
Tortarolo G., Piazza S., Bucci A., Bianchini P., Sheppard C.J.R., Diaspro A., Slenders E., Koho S., Castello M., Vicidomini G.
Time-Resolved STED Microscopy with Single-Photon Detector Array: a Perfect Synergy
2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe and European Quantum Electronics Conference, CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2021
Conference Paper Conference
Buttafava M., Villa F., Castello M., Tortarolo G., Conca E., Sanzaro M., Piazza S., Bianchini P., Diaspro A., Zappa F., Vicidomini G., Tosi A.
SPAD-based asynchronous-readout array detectors for image-scanning microscopy
Optica, vol. 7, (no. 7), pp. 755-765