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Lourenco M.A.O., Frade T., Bordonhos M., Castellino M., Pinto M.L., Bocchini S.
N-doped sponge-like biochar: A promising CO2 sorbent for CO₂/CH₄ and CO2/N₂ gas separation
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 470
Maruccia E., Piovano A., Lourenco M.A.O., Priamushko T., Cavallo M., Bocchini S., Bonino F., Pirri F.C., Kleitz F., Gerbaldi C.
Revealing the competitive effect of N2 and H2O towards CO2 adsorption in N-rich ordered mesoporous carbons
Materials Today Sustainability, vol. 21
Aixala-Perello A., Pedico A., Laurenti M., Fontananova E., Bocchini S., Ferrari I.V., Lamberti A.
Scalable and highly selective graphene-based ion-exchange membranes with tunable permselectivity
npj 2D Materials and Applications, vol. 7, (no. 1)
Latini G., Signorile M., Rosso F., Fin A., d'Amora M., Giordani S., Pirri F., Crocella V., Bordiga S., Bocchini S.
Efficient and reversible CO2 capture in bio-based ionic liquids solutions
Journal of CO2 Utilization, vol. 55
Pedico A., Bocchini S., Tresso E., Lamberti A.
Enhanced Capacitive Deionization Exploiting Novel Functionalized Graphene Oxide Electrodes
Advanced Materials Technologies, vol. 7, (no. 8)