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Sara Nataletti

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COgNiTive Architecture for Collaborative Technologies
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Leo F., Nataletti S., Brayda L.
Non-informative vision improves spatial tactile discrimination on the shoulder but does not influence detection sensitivity
Experimental Brain Research
Nataletti S., Leo F., Seminara L., Trompetto C., Valle M., Dosen S., Brayda L.
Temporal Asynchrony but Not Total Energy Nor Duration Improves the Judgment of Numerosity in Electrotactile Stimulation
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
Nataletti S., VagnonI E., Leo F., Cocchi E., Scafa L., Lumachi S., Giuliani L., Brayda L.
Enhancement of speech-in-noise perception in children with autism spectrum disorder using an assistive listening device
Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting 2019
Poster Conference
Casadio M., Iandolo R., Nataletti S., Marini F., Morasso P., Ponassi V., Scheidt R.
Robotic techniques for the assessment of proprioceptive deficits and for proprioceptive training (chapter 21)
Rehabilitation Robotics (Colombo & Sanguineti eds), Publisher: Elsevier
Book Chapter Book
Muijzer-Witteveen H.J.B., Nataletti S., Agnello M., Casadio M., Van Asseldonk E.H.F.
Vibrotactile feedback to control the amount of weight shift during walking - A first step towards better control of an exoskeleton for spinal cord injury subjects
IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, pp. 1482-1487
Conference Paper Conference