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Samira Jadavi

PhD Student
Nanoscopy & NIC@IIT
Research center

I am Samira Jadavi, 3rd year PhD student in Nanoscopy & NIC lab in Italian institute of technology under supervision of Prof. Alberto Diaspro and Dr. Claudio Canale. During my PhD, I developed my research career on two main issues: the first issue was on the interaction of monomeric a-synuclein, the amyloidogenic protein responsible for Parkinson's disease (PD), with model lipid membranes that mimic the outer and inner cellular leaflets, with the aim of investigating how a-synuclein may act differently when it is present in the cytosol or in the extracellular space. The second issue was the characterization of the aggregation process of amyloidogenic a-synuclein by advanced correlative techniques, in particular correlative AFM–STED measurements, to the in vitro study of amyloid aggregates formation starting from monomeric peptides.

    I graduated from Isfahan University of Technology in Iran (IUT) in 2016. While studying for my B.Sc., I developed a particular interest in the 1D Quantum mechanics with point interactions, supervised by Prof. Farhang Loran (2014). My M.Sc. thesis, supervised by Prof. Behrouz Mirza, was on this topic of Holographic superconductor model with Lifshitz scaling in presence of nonlinear electrodynamics (2014-2016). While in the university, I earned an award as an exceptional talented student of Physics Department (2016). Completing my M.Sc., I had one and half year research experience at Shahid Beheshti university in Tehran, Iran (October 2016- March 2018).This experience led me to learn about theoretical approaches towards Massive Gravity and Deconstructing Dimensions, supervised by Dr. Nima Khosravi. Now maybe this question arise in your mind, why did I change my path from theoretical physics to bio-physics? Well, I have to answer sometimes our paths to education are not as straightforward as we might think (Nobel Laureate Tomas Lindahl), and we really do not know where they will lead us. Actually, During my PhD, I realized that theoretical physics was a necessary step to truly grasp the concept of light, and moving forward to super-resolution light microscopy.

All Publications
Jadavi S., Bianchini P., Cavalleri O., Dante S., Canale C., Diaspro A.
Correlative nanoscopy: A multimodal approach to molecular resolution
Microsc Res Tech
Jadavi S., Canepa E., Diaspro A., Canale C., Relini A., Dante S.
α-Synuclein interacts differently with membranes mimicking the inner and outer leaflets of neuronal membranes
BBA – Biomembranes (ELS)
Article Journal