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Massimo De Vittorio

Principal Investigator - Principal Investigator - Center Coordinator
Nanotechnologies for Humans and Biosystems
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Massimo De Vittorio is Coordinator of the Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Lecce – Italy and Full Professor at Università del Salento where he is lecturer of the courses “Electronic and Photonic Devices” and “Nanotechnologies for Electronics”. He has been responsible for more than ten years of the nanodevice division at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (NNL) of the CNR Istituto Nanoscienze. His research activity deals with the development of science and technology applied to nanophotonics, nanoelectronics and nano and micro electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS) for applications in the fields of life-science, energy and ICT. 

During his career he has designed and coordinated micro and nanofabrication facilities with both backend and frontend technologies, with full prototyping and small/medium scale production capabilities. He has been consultant of high-tech corporations and founder/advisor of 4 startup companies.

Author of about 280 manuscripts on international journals, 70 proceedings of international conferences, 14 patents, 10 book chapters and more than 60 invited/keynote talks to international conferences, he is also senior editor of the Journal IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, board member of the international micro and nanoengineering society (iMNEs), member of the editorial board of the Journal Microelectronic Engineering (Elsevier).

All Publications
Bianco M., Balena A., Pisanello M., Pisano F., Sileo L., Spagnolo B., Montinaro C., Sabatini B.L., de Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Comparative study of autofluorescence in flat and tapered optical fibers towards application in depth-resolved fluorescence lifetime photometry in brain tissue
Biomedical Optics Express, vol. 12, (no. 2), pp. 993-1009
Natta L., Guido F., Algieri L., Mastronardi V.M., Rizzi F., Scarpa E., Qualtieri A., Todaro M.T., Sallustio V., De Vittorio M.
Conformable AlN Piezoelectric Sensors as a Non-invasive Approach for Swallowing Disorder Assessment
ACS Sensors, vol. 6, (no. 5), pp. 1761-1769
Article Journal
Mariello M., Fachechi L., Guido F., De Vittorio M.
Conformal, Ultra-thin Skin-Contact-Actuated Hybrid Piezo/Triboelectric Wearable Sensor Based on AlN and Parylene-Encapsulated Elastomeric Blend
Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 31, (no. 27)
Article Journal
de Fazio R., Perrone E., Velazquez R., De Vittorio M., Visconti P.
Development of a self-powered piezo-resistive smart insole equipped with low-power ble connectivity for remote gait monitoring
Sensors, vol. 21, (no. 13)
Article Journal
De Bartolo S., De Vittorio M., Francone A., Guido F., Leone E., Mastronardi V.M., Notaro A., Tomasicchio G.R.
Direct scaling of measure on vortex shedding through a flapping flag device in the open channel around a cylinder at re ∼ 103: Taylor’s law approach
Sensors, vol. 21, (no. 5), pp. 1-18
Article Journal