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Martina Di Francesco

Post Doc
Nanotechnology for Precision Medicine
Research center

Martina Di Francesco is a Post Doc in the Nanotechnology for Precision Medicine research line at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia since May 2017. Her research activities focus on the design and the development of polymeric micro- and nano-constructs for delivering of different drugs (anti-inflammatory drugs and/or growth factors), in order to combine therapeutic activity and regenerative medicine.

Dr Di Francesco achieved her MSc Degree in Chemistry and Pharmacology Technology in October 2013 at the “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti – Pescara discussing the thesis “Implantable nanodevices for sustained zero-order release of liposomal nanodrugs”. In this work, she demonstrated that that nanochannels can be exploited to passively control the sustained release of intact liposomes from subcutaneously implantable reservoirs, designed for systemic delivery. Following that, she collaborated with a Pharmacy preparing and checking drugs following pharmacopoeia. In January 2014, she started her PhD in Life Sciences at the University of Catanzaro under the supervision of Prof. Massimo Fresta. Whilst completing her PhD thesis she joined IIT for an internship leading her to her current position. Her PhD project “Supramolecular vesicular aggregates (SVAs) as innovative nanomedicine for the treatment of solid tumors” was the synthesis of and physical-chemical characterization of innovative supramolecular vesicular aggregates (SVAs) made up from different combinations of hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfactants or lipids for anticancer treatments.

All Publications
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Article Journal
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