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Luisa Franco

Neurofacilty coordinator and Higher Education Support Manager
Chief Technician
Research center
After graduating in Biological Science at the University of Genoa with the grade of "110/110 cum laude", she achieves her PhD in "Cellular Biotechnology applied to Pharmacology and Molecular Biotechnology applied to Biomedicine" at the University of Milan. She starts her research career as a post doc fellow at the University of Minnesota in the Physiology Department focusing on calcium homeostasis in cells, she carries on her studies on calcium signaling as post-doc first at the University of Genoa and then at the University Federico II of Naples. As senior researcher at the G.Gaslini Institute, Genoa she deepens her interest in intracellular calcium mobilization in different cell types. In 2005 she attends to the Master in Scientific Communication of the University of Milan, starting her collaborations with the Agency “Zadig” in Milano and with press office of the "Festival della Scienza" in Genova as free lance journalist. In 2006 she starts her collaboration with the Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genoa to plan, set, build and equip the laboratories of the Department of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies (2000 sqm) in CCT Genova Morego, Once laboratories were set up she coordinates the scientific activity, grant applications, collaborations with different research institutes and supervises administrative activities of the Neuroscience department. Since 2011 she is appointed as coordinator of the Neuro-facility Unit of the Neuroscience Area. In 2015 she collaborates to plan and set the new center "Neuroscience and Smart Materials lab" c/o San Martino Hospital in Genova; as well as in 2019 the new RNA technologies lab in the CHT center located in Erzelli Genova. In 2020 Luisa Franco also started a new collaboration with Research Organization Directorate on "High educational training @ IIT". Since 2013Luisa Franco is appointed as representative of IIT in the National Cluster ALISEI for Life Science. Luisa Franco is author of more than 40 ARTICLES on peer reviewed journals and books; her H INDEX is 27