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Leonardo De Mattos

Team Leader - Permanent Researcher
Advanced Robotics
Research center
Leonardo S. Mattos (B.Sc. 1998, M.Sc. 2003, Ph.D. 2007) is a Permanent Researcher and Head of the Biomedical Robotics Laboratory at IIT. His research background includes medical robotics, robot-assisted surgery, laser microsurgery, computer vision, medical image analysis, user interfaces, mixed and augmented reality, systems integration, automation, usability analysis, and micromanipulation. Leonardo received his MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the North Carolina State University (NCSU, USA), where he worked as research assistant at the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (CRIM) from 2002 until 2007. Leonardo has been a researcher at the IIT’s Department of Advanced Robotics since 2007. He currently leads a team of 15 researchers and technicians at IIT and collaborates closely with other institutions, including hospitals and industry. Leonardo was the PI and coordinator of the European project µRALP – Micro-Technologies and Systems for Robot-Assisted Laser Phonomicrosurgery, and is currently the PI and coordinator of the translational project Robotic Microsurgery, which is dedicated to the creation of new technologies for the detection and treatment of diseases in delicate organs. He is also a work package leader in the IIT-Bracco Joint Lab. Leonardo has graduated 13 PhD students and is currently supervising another 7 PhD candidates. He is the author or co-author of more than 160 peer-reviewed publications and 6 patents.
All Publications
Casella A., Moccia S., Paladini D., Frontoni E., De Momi E., Mattos L.
A shape-constraint adversarial framework with instance-normalized spatio-temporal features for inter-fetal membrane segmentation
Medical Image Analysis, vol. 70
Carobbio A.L.C., Missale F., Fragale M., Mora F., Guastini L., Parrinello G., Canevari F.R.M., Peretti G., Mattos L.S.
Transoral laser microsurgery: feasibility of a new exoscopic HD-3D system coupled with free beam or fiber laser
Lasers in Medical Science
Article Journal
Acemoglu A., Krieglstein J., Caldwell D., Mora F., Guastini L., Trimarchi M., Vinciguerra A., Hysenbelli J., Delsanto M., Barboni O., Baggioni S., Peretti G., Mattos L.
5G Robotic Telesurgery: Remote Transoral Laser Microsurgeries on a Cadaver
IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics, vol. 2, (no. 4), pp. 511 - 518
Article Journal
Larradet F., Barresi G., Mattos L.S.
Affective communication enhancement system for locked-in syndrome patients
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 12188 LNCS, pp. 143-156
Conference Paper Book Series
Cheng Z., Dall'alba D., Caldwell D.G., Fiorini P., Mattos L.S.
Design and integration of electrical bio-impedance sensing in a bipolar forceps for soft tissue identification: A feasibility study
IFMBE Proceedings, vol. 72, pp. 3-10
Conference Paper Conference
Awards and Achievements
Mattos L., Acemoglu A., Caldwell D.
BEST CONFERENCE PAPER AWARD: "5G Telesurgery – Feasibility Experiment and First Public Demo"
Cheng Z., Penza V., Ortiz J., Caldwell D., Mattos L.
BEST SESSION PAPER AWARD: "Vision guided Autonomous Robotic Electrical Bio-Impedance Scanning System for Abnormal Tissue Detection and Tracking"
Cheng Z., Davies B.L., Caldwell D.G., Mattos L.S.
Athanasiou ABME Award (Nominated). “A New Venous Entry Detection Method Based on Electrical Bio-impedance Sensing”
Cheng Z., Davies B.L., Caldwell D.G., Mattos L.S.
Athanasiou ABME Award (Winner). “A New Venous Entry Detection Method Based on Electrical Bio-impedance Sensing”
Deshpande N., Acemoglu A., Peretti G., Mora F., Guastini L., Lee J., Barresi G., Caldwell D.G., Mattos L.S.
Winner of New Surgical Technologies Competition: "CALM - Computer Aided Laser Microsurgery"