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Fabrizio Antonio Viola

Affiliated Researcher
Printed and Molecular Electronics
Research center

Fabrizio Antonio Viola received his MS degree in electronic engineering in 2014 and earned his PhD in Bioengineering and Robotics from the University of Genova in 2018, working on multimodal tactile sensors based on organic field-effect transistors.

He worked as Postdoc Researcher at Center for Nano Science and Technology@PoliMi (CNST) of the Istututo Italiano di Tecnologia in the Printed and Molecular Electronics group, led by Dr. Mario Caironi.

He is currently Research Assistant at University of Cagliari, working on printed electronics, ultra-thin/imperceptible electronics and biomedical/physical sensors for the health care.


Title: Ph.D. in Bioengineering and Robotics
Institute: University of Genova
Location: Genova
Country: Italy
From: 2014 To: 2018

Top Publications
Viola F., Melloni F., Molazemhosseini A., Modena F., Sassi M., Beverina L., Caironi M.
A n-type, Stable Electrolyte Gated Organic Transistor Based on a Printed Polymer
Advanced Electronic Materials
Viola F.A., Barsotti J., Melloni F., Lanzani G., Kim Y.-H., Mattoli V., Caironi M.
A sub-150-nanometre-thick and ultraconformable solution-processed all-organic transistor
Nature Communications, vol. 12, (no. 1)
Viola F.A., Brigante B., Colpani P., Dell'Erba G., Mattoli V., Natali D., Caironi M.
A 13.56 MHz Rectifier Based on Fully Inkjet Printed Organic Diodes
Advanced Materials, vol. 32, (no. 33)
Viola F.A., Spanu A., Ricci P.C., Bonfiglio A., Cosseddu P.
Ultrathin, flexible and multimodal tactile sensors based on organic field-effect transistors
Scientific Reports, vol. 8, (no. 1)
Awards and Achievements
Viola F.
Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship - Seal of Excellence
Viola F. A.
Young Scientist Awards - Symposium D “Organic Semiconductors for energy and electronics: from fundamentals properties to devices”