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I am a post-doctoral researcher working on the Nanobright project in IIT Lecce since 2019. Before this, I completed my PhD degree in condensed matter physics at Wuhan University in China. I am interested in plasmonics, photonics, light-matter interaction, surface enhanced spectroscopy and two-photon lithography, and right now I’m working with optical fibers to bring plasmonics into the neuroscience applications.  

All Publications
Zheng D., Collard L., Pisano F., Ciracì C., Pisanello M., Balena A., Spagnolo B., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Non-Planar Repeated Solid-State Dewetting for Narrow-Gap Au Nanoislands Taper SERS Neural Interface
MNE 2021
Poster Conference
Pisanello M., Zheng D., Pisanello F., Balena A., Pisano F., Sabatini B., De Vittorio M.
Large Field of View Holographic Two-Photon Lithography on Tapered Optical Fibers
Poster Conference
Li Y., Shi J.J., Zheng D., Kang M., Fu T., Zhang S.P., Xu H.X.
Progress and Perspectives of Nonlinear Plasmonics
Laser & Optoelectronics Progress, vol. 56, (no. 20)
Article Journal
Zheng D., Li Y., Chen W., Fu T., Sun J.W., Zhang S.P., Xu H.X.
The novel plasmonics-transition metal dichalcogenides hybrid nanostructures
SCIENTIA SINICA Physica, Mechanica & Astronomica, vol. 49
Article Journal
Sun J.W., Hu H.T., Zheng D., Zhang D.X., Deng Q., Zhang S.P., Xu H.X.
Light-Emitting Plexciton: Exploiting Plasmon− Exciton Interaction in the Intermediate Coupling Regime
ACS Nano, vol. 12, (no. 10), pp. 10393
Article Journal