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Panaite A., Predeina A., Alvarez A., Rizzo G.M.R., del Pino P., Pellegrino T.
Core-shell magnetic-based composites made of ferrite and metal organic frameworks for magnetic hyperthermia and drug delivery
PhD Day Unige
Poster Conference
Panaite A.M., Predeina A., Alvarez A., del Pino P., Pellegrino T.
Core-shell magnetic-nanoMOF composites for hyperthermia and drug delivery applications
3rd International School of Porous Materials
Poster Conference
Panaite A.M., Silvestri N., Ceballos Guzman M., Predeina A., del Pino P., Pellegrino T.
Engineering the surface of magnetic nanoparticles with metal organic framework for hyperthermia and drug delivery applications
XXX International Materials Research Congress
Poster Conference
Mai B.T., Barthel M.J., Lak A., Avellini T., Panaite A.M., Rodrigues E.M., Goldoni L., Pellegrino T.
Photo-induced copper mediated copolymerization of activated-ester methacrylate polymers and their use as reactive precursors to prepare multi-dentate ligands for the water transfer of inorganic nanoparticles
Polymer Chemistry, vol. 11, (no. 17), pp. 2969-2985
Polizzi V., Servaes K., Vandezande P., Kouris P.D., Panaite A.M., Jacobs G., Hensen E.J.M., Boot M.D., Vanbroekhoven K.
Molecular weight-based fractionation of lignin oils by membrane separation technology
Holzforschung, pp. 166-174
Azcargorta A.R., Coya E., Panaite A.M., Sotomayor N., Lete E.
Intramolecular Addition of Heteroaryllithium Compounds onto Activated Alkenes: Access to Heterofused Indolizines and Pyrroloazepines
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 2017, (no. 17), pp. 2462-2468