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Roozing W., Kashiri N., Verstraten T., Vanderborght B., Tsagarakis N., Stramigioli S.
Articulated Actuation Towards Human Capabilities for Robots
Kashiri N., Malzahn J., Tsagarakis N.
2018 IEEE/RSJ IROS Workshop on Development of Agile Robots
Malzahn J., Kashiri N., Wensing W., Oh S., Tsagarakis N.
Which Torque Controlled Actuator Do I need? - On Criteria, Metrics and Experiments for Design, Selection and Comparison
Kashiri N., Vanderborght B., Malzahn J., Daley M., Tsagarakis N.
2017 IEEE/RSJ IROS Workshop "On the Energetic Economy of Robotics and Biological Systems: A Challenging Handicap to Overcome "