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Awards and Achievements
Pettinato S., Pitzalis R. F., Berselli G., Ortiz J.
Modeling of Cutting Operations for Robotic Surgery using CAE tools
Ortiz J., di Natali C., Caldwell DG.
Winner of the Compasso d'Oro design Award
Cheng Z., Penza V., Ortiz J., Caldwell D., Mattos L.
BEST SESSION PAPER AWARD: "Vision guided Autonomous Robotic Electrical Bio-Impedance Scanning System for Abnormal Tissue Detection and Tracking"
Barjue E.S., Ardakani M.M.G., Caldwell D.G., Sanguineti M., Ortiz J.
Best Conference Paper (Winner), “On the Optimal Selection of Motors and Transmissions for a Back-Support Exoskeleton”,
Penza V., De Momi E., Enayati N., Chupin T., Ortiz J., Mattos L.
Best Poster Finalist with "Safety Enhancement Framework for Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery"