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CAUTION: The technical solution contained in this document was developed in response to the emergency of SARS-Cov-2 virus pandemic and did not go through all tests and controls normally required for the development of medical-surgical devices. Art. 15 from Decreto Legge n. 18 of 2020 foresees procedures to manage Covid-19 emergency and enables Inail to validate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as an extraordinary measure. At the moment, we have submitted the project to Inail and we are waiting for validation.

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Seac Protective Mask

Seac Protective Mask

In order to address the emergency situation caused by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the consequent deficiency of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) to preserve Medical Personnel (MP) and patients health, IIT decided to apply its Staff know-how to modify existing equipment, meant for other usages, in protective devices for MP or patients.

In particular, IIT decided to transform Seac's full-face snorkelling masks, into medical personnel protection masks. Assuming that the medical personnel is healthy and breaths out pathogen-free air we focused on optimizing the filtration of the airflow into the mask.

IIT technical solution consists of 3 main components:

For details and components assembly, please, read the Technical Sheet


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