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Valentina Pasquale

Research Data Management Specialist


Research Organization Directorate

Data Analysis Office


Via Morego, 30
+39 010 2896 475
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As Research Data Management (RDM) Specialist, I am in charge of supporting IIT researchers in improving RDM practices, with a specific focus on fostering open science.

Research & work experience:

2017-2019 - Post-doc @Fellin lab in IIT

Main interests: slow-waves; sensory coding; optogenetics; holographic stimulation.

2012-2017 - Post-doc @Chiappalone lab in IIT

Main interests: neuro-robotics and neuro-prosthetics; micro-stimulation protocols to advance neuro-rehabilitation treatments following brain injuries; innovative data analysis methods for multi-channel electrophysiological recordings.

2011-2012 - Integration Specialist @Carestream Health

2010 - Research fellow @IIT


2010 - PhD in Humanoid Technologies, Univ. of Genova & IIT

Main duties: design and development of analytical tools to characterize the spontaneous and evoked activity of neuronal networks plated on planar Micro-Electrode Arrays (MEAs).

2006 – MEng in Bioengineering (Neuroengineering curriculum), Univ. of Genova

2004 – BEng in Biomedical Engineering, Univ. of Genova


Linking biological and artificial neuronal assemblies to restore lost brain functions: towards the design of innovative bi-directional neuroprostheses – BRAIN-BOW, European Union ‘FET Open Young Explorers’, (2012-2015). Role: co-investigator in the IIT unit.

Novel technological approaches for rewiring neural circuitry following brain injury, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy (MAE), Bi-lateral project of high relevance: Italy-USA action (2016-2017). Role: co-investigator in the IIT unit.


2017 - Workshop travel grant to attend the CNS Meeting 2017 in Antwerp

2013 - Travel grant to attend the CNS Meeting 2013 in Paris

2010 - Best Contribution Award, Frontiers in Neuroengineering Workshop, Monte Verita’ (Ascona)

2007 - “Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria” (Italian Society of Bioengineering) award for the best master thesis in the field of Bioengineering in 2006-2007


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