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Giulia Usai

PhD Student

Research Line

Systems and Synthetic Biology


CSFT@PoliTo Torino


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Main experiences:

Nov. 2020: Ph.D. student in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, DISAT, Politecnico of TurinCSFT@PoliTo Torino, Italy.

Systems and Synthetic Biology Line.

Photosynthetic microbial cell factories for CO2 exploitation into high-value chemicals.


2019-2020: Fellowship, DISAT, Politecnico of TurinCSFT@PoliTo Torino, Italy.

Systems and Synthetic Biology Line.

Biochemical transformation of CO2 in high-value compounds by cyanobacteria.


2018-2019: Fellowship, University of Turin, Italy.

Laboratory of Proteomics and Metabolic Engineering of Prokaryotes.

Study of cellulose metabolism in lignocellulolytic Clostridium and development of genetic engineering strategies for biofuel production.



2018: Master’s Degree in INDUSTRIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY, University of Turin, Italy.

2015: Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in BIOTECHNOLOGY, University of Sassari, Italy.


Microbial cell factories; Metabolic engineering; Environment and sustainability; Renewable Sources; Circular Economy

Selected Publications

Giulia Usai, Simona Cirrincione, Angela Re, Marcello Manfredi, Andrea Pagnani, Enrica Pessione, Roberto Mazzoli, Clostridium cellulovorans metabolism of cellulose as studied by comparative proteomic approach, Journal of Proteomics, Volume 216, 2020, 103667, ISSN 1874-3919,


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