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Giorgio Grioli


Research Line

Soft Robotics for Human Cooperation and Rehabilitation


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


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Giorgio Grioli is currently a Researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, where he investigates the design, modeling and control of soft robotics systems applied to augmentation of, rehabilitation of and interaction with the human. The domains of his research fields range from collaborative industrial robotics to prosthetics. He received his PhD in Robotics, Automation and Engineering from Università di Pisa in 2011, with a dissertation on the identification for control of Variable Impedance Actuators. He authored more than 40 articles (2200 citations, h-index 21) in the fields of soft robotic actuation, robot hand design and haptics. He is reported as inventor in 4 between patent and patent applications. He contributed to the development of several robotic systems and to the founding of a spin-off company. He has being serving as Associate Editor for the ICRA and ICORR conferences (since 2015) and as editor the MDPI Actuators journal. Over the years he supervised the development of more than 20 Master Degree Theses in the degrees of Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. He also supervised several Bachelor degree theses and student projects for the course of Robotics. He is currently tutoring 5 (five) PhD students in the Information Engineering Ph.D. course of Università di Pisa.


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