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Francesca Di Turo

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Cultural Heritage Technologies




Via della Libertà 12 - Venezia Marghera
+39 041 2346756
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Francesca graduated cum laude in Technologies for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Sapienza University of Rome. In 2018, she received the Ph.D. Doctor Europeaus degree from the same university with a thesis about the optimization of electrochemical techniques for the study of archaeological bronzes. This topic was developed in collaboration with the Univerisity of Valencia, where she worked as visiting researcher for more than a year. The research has allowed to develop a dating method on archaeological bronzes, characterizing and studying the corrosion phenomena. In addition to articles concerning her doctoral thesis, she has collaborated in other projects for the analysis of ancient materials (i.e., silver coins, potteries, pigments). She also authored several book chapters about the dissemination of Science for Cultural Heritage. She is the founder of the blog "Research for Cultural Heritage". Francesca is currently Post Doc at the Center for Cultural Heritage Technology (CCHT@Ca’Foscari).


Corrosion Cultural Heritage Conservation Archaeometry

Selected Publications

As *corresponding or co-corresponding author

  • F. Di Turo*, Limits and perspectives of archaeometric analysis of archaeological metals: A focus on the electrochemistry for studying ancient bronze coins. Journal of Cultural Heritage (In press). 
  • F. Di Turo*, C. Mai, A. Haba-Martinez, A. Doménech-Carbò. Discrimination of papers used in conservation and restoration by the means of the voltammetry of immobilized microparticles technique. RSC Analytical Methods 2019, 11, 4431.

  • F. Di Turo*, R. Parra, J. Piquero-Cilla, G. Favero, A. Doménech-Carbò. Crossing VIMP and EIS for studying heterogeneous sets of copper/bronze coins. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry (2019) 23(3), pp. 771-781

  • A. Doménech-Carbó, S. Holmwood, F. Di Turo, N. Montoya, F. M. Valle-Algarra, H.G.M. Edwards, M. T. Doménech-Carbó. On the Composition and Color of Maya Blue: A Reexamination of Literature Data Based on the Dehydroindigo Model, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2019) 123, 770−782.

  • M. T. Doménech-Carbó, F. Di Turo, N. Montoya, F. Catalli, A. Doménech-Carbó, and C. DeVito. FIB-FESEM and EMPA results on Antoninianus silver coins for manufacturing  and corrosion processes, Scientific Reports (2018) 8:10676 
  • F. Di Turo, N. Montoya, J. Piquero-Cilla, C. De Vito, F. Coletti, I. De Luca, A. Doménech-Carbó. Electrochemical discrimination of manufacturing types of pottery from Magna Mater Temple and Fora of Nerva and Caesar (Rome, Italy), Applied Clay Science (2018), Volume 162,305-310.

  • F. Di Turo*, P. Matricardi, C. Di Meo, F. Mazzei, G. Favero, D. Zane. PVA hydrogel as polymer electrolyte for electrochemical impedance analysis on archaeological metals, Journal of Cultural Heritage 37 (2019) 113–120.
  • F. Di Turo, N. Montoya, J. Piquero-Cilla, C. De Vito, F. Coletti, G. Favero, M.T. Doménech- Carbò, A. Doménech-Carbò. Dating Archaeological Strata in the Magna Mater Temple Using Solid-state Voltammetric Analysis of Leaded Bronze Coins, Electroanalysis (2018) 30, 361-370.

  • F. Di Turo*, C. De Vito, F. Coletti, F. Mazzei, R. Antiochia, G. Favero. A multi-analytical approach for the validation of a jellified electrolyte: Application to the study of ancient bronze patina, Microchemical Journal 134 (2017), 154-163.

  • F. Di Turo, N. Montoya, J. Piquero-Cilla, C. De Vito, F. Coletti, G. Favero, A. Doménech-Carbò. Archaeometric analysis of Roman bronze coins from the Magna Mater temple using solid state voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Analytica Chimica Acta 955 (2017), 36-4.

  • F. Di Turo, C. Proietti, A. Screpanti, M.F. Fornasier, I. Cionni, G. Favero, A. De Marco. Impacts of air pollution on Cultural Heritage corrosion at European level: What has been achieved and what are the future scenarios. Environmental Pollution 218 (2016), 586-594.


  • 2019: Summa cum laude judgment on PhD Thesis.
  • 2018: National Award for Scientific Literature "loSCRITTOio" (Roma Sapienza Foundation).
  • 2017: Young researchers grant for SCI2017.
    • Young researchers grant Sapienza University of Rome.
  • 2016: Mobility grant for PhD student (Sapienza University of Rome and MIUR). 
  • 2015: Excellence graduated student in Sapienza University of Rome (Roma Sapienza Foundation).
    • Excellent Student grant.


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