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Csaba Forro

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Research Line

Tissue Electronics




+1 650 680 89 76


Of Hungarian origin, I grew up in the french part of Switzerland around the city of Lausanne where I did my studies. I received a Master's Degree in Physics from EPFL with a focus on theoretical physics in 2014. I then joined the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics (LBB) at ETH Zurich where I did my PhD investigating learning mechanisms in tailored 2D neuronal cultures of primary rat neurons. Most of the work involved coming up with the hardware/software in order to not only build tailored and controlled real neural networks and interact with them. I received my Phd in 2019.

I was awarded a Global Marie Curie Fellowship which funds 3 years of research. I will spend 2 years at Stanford and the last year at IIT Naples


Computation Consciousness A.I (the useful type) Food Squash (the sport)


In the scope of a Global Marie Curie Fellowship, I develop stretchable and conformable mesh-microelectrode-arrays to embed into induced pluripotent stem cell derived neural organoids. I develop the hardware and the software in order to be able to interact in a closed-loop manner with the neuronal organoid.

I am spending the first 2 years at Professor Bianxiao Cui's lab at Stanford, USA, and the 3rd year at Dr. Francesca Santoro's lab at IIT Naples.


Global Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow
Awarded a Global Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship to study and integrate symbiotically stretchable mesh electrodes into IPSC neural organoids under the project tag STRELECOID

Spark Award
2016 ETH Zurich
Our invention "Stretchable nanocomposite with tunable electrical strain-response" was nominated in the best twenty ETH Zurich technologies of 2015


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