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Atesh Koul

Post Doc
Neuroscience and Behaviour
Centri di ricerca
sensorimotor neuroscience motor cognition computational neuroscience machine learning neuroimaging neurostimulation
I am a post-doctoral fellow in cognitive neuroscience. My research focusses on the question - how do we understand others? To this end, I use a multimodal approach ranging from machine learning, computational neuroscience, motion capture, behavioral to neuroimaging. Currently, my work focusses on understanding the phenomenon of inter-brain synchronization.

Title: PhD "Understanding mechanisms of intention understanding from movement"
Institute: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Location: Genoa
Country: Italy
From: 2014 To: 2016

Title: B.Tech in Biotechnology
Institute: National Institute of Technology
Location: Durgapur
Country: India
From: 2005 To: 2009



Programming languages
- R
- Python
- Matlab

All Publications
Quarona D., Koul A., Ansuini C., Pascolini L., Cavallo A., Becchio C.
A kind of magic: Enhanced detection of pantomimed grasps in professional magicians.
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, pp. 1-9
Article Journal
Patri J.-F., Cavallo A., Pullar K., Soriano M., Valente M., Koul A., Avenanti A., Panzeri S., Becchio C.
Transient Disruption of the Inferior Parietal Lobule Impairs the Ability to Attribute Intention to Action
Current Biology, vol. 30, (no. 23), pp. 4594-4605.e7
Article Journal
Zillekens I.C., Brandi M.-L., Lahnakoski J.M., Koul A., Manera V., Becchio C., Schilbach L.
Increased functional coupling of the left amygdala and medial prefrontal cortex during the perception of communicative point-light stimuli
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, vol. 14, (no. 1), pp. 97-107
Scaliti E., Koul A., Ansuini C., Cavallo A., Becchio C.
Intention is in the action: reach-to-grasp kinematics primes the intent towards an object
Joint Action Meeting (JAM VIII)
Poster Conference
Koul A., Soriano M., Cavallo A., Valente M., Patri J., Avenanti A., Panzeri S., Becchio C.
Investigating the causal role of the parietal cortex in intention understanding: a cTBS study
Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation, vol. 12, (no. 2), pp. 485
Poster Conference
Scientific talk
Koul A.
I see what you are doing: how people understand others' intentions
Motor Perspectives on Action and Interaction
Koul A., Cavallo A., Cauda F., Costa T., Diano M., Becchio C.
Mirroring through kinematics: Decoding others' intentions in the human parieto-frontal network
7th Joint Action Meeting
Oral presentation
Koul A., Cavallo A., Ansuini C., Becchio C.
Doing it your way: How individual movement styles affect action prediction
Social Cognition: From interactions to intersubjectivity
Organized Event
Koul A., Romeo L., Cavallo A.
‘PredPsych’, a R based toolbox for machine learning in experimental psychology
Koul A., Romeo L., Cavallo A.
‘PredPsych’, a R based toolbox for machine learning in experimental psychology