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Atesh Koul

Post Doc
Post-Doc Researcher

Research Line

Neuroscience and Behaviour




My research is at the intersection of social, affective, and motor cognition, with a focus on how we are able to understand others’ mental states. My recent studies suggest that human observers are capable of understanding others' intentions simply by observing fine-grained kinematic signatures embedded within their movements. To this end, I employed a multidisciplinary approach combining techniques of motion capture, computational and machine learning, psychophysics, neuroimaging, and neurostimulation. I provided the first demonstration that (i) individuality (how human motor system plans and learns movements) also influences action observation, (ii) that expectations about others’ intentions are integrated with visual kinematics over time for intention detection and (iii) putative mirror neuron regions represent subtle differences in movement kinematics to read the intention of an observed motor act. These findings have been instrumental in the development of an experimental strategy for measuring the observability of others’ mental states.


inter-brain synchrony EEG fMRI computational neuroscience machine learning



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