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Sojkova T., Rizzo G.M.R., Di Girolamo A., Avugadda S.K., Soni N., Milbrandt N.B., Tsai Y.H., Kubena I., Sojka M., Silvestri N., Samia A.C., Groger R., Pellegrino T.
From Core-Shell FeO/Fe3O4 to Magnetite Nanocubes: Enhancing Magnetic Hyperthermia and Imaging Performance by Thermal Annealing
Chemistry of Materials
Slavu L.M., Antonelli A., Scarpa E.S., Abdalla P., Wilhelm C., Silvestri N., Pellegrino T., Scheffler K., Magnani M., Rinaldi R., Di Corato R.
Optimization of magnetic nanoparticles for engineering erythrocytes as theranostic agents
Biomaterials Science
Gavilan H., Rizzo G.M.R., Silvestri N., Mai B.T., Pellegrino T.
Scale-up approach for the preparation of magnetic ferrite nanocubes and other shapes with benchmark performance for magnetic hyperthermia applications
Nature Protocols
Serio F., Silvestri N., Kumar Avugadda S., Nucci G.E.P., Nitti S., Onesto V., Catalano F., D'Amone E., Gigli G., del Mercato L.L., Pellegrino T.
Co-loading of doxorubicin and iron oxide nanocubes in polycaprolactone fibers for combining Magneto-Thermal and chemotherapeutic effects on cancer cells
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, vol. 607, pp. 34-44
Panaite A.M., Silvestri N., Ceballos Guzman M., Predeina A., del Pino P., Pellegrino T.
Engineering the surface of magnetic nanoparticles with metal organic framework for hyperthermia and drug delivery applications
XXX International Materials Research Congress
Poster Conference
Fiorito S., Soni N., Silvestri N., Brescia R., Gavilan H., Conteh J.S., Mai B.T., Pellegrino T.
Fe3O4@Au@Cu2−xS Heterostructures Designed for Tri-Modal Therapy: Photo- Magnetic Hyperthermia and 64Cu Radio-Insertion
Small, vol. 18, (no. 18)
Avugadda S.K., Castelli A., Dhanabalan B., Fernandez T., Silvestri N., Collantes C., Baranov D., Imran M., Manna L., Pellegrino T., Arciniegas M.P.
Highly Emitting Perovskite Nanocrystals with 2-Year Stability in Water through an Automated Polymer Encapsulation for Bioimaging
ACS Nano, vol. 16, (no. 9), pp. 13657-13666
Silvestri N., Gavilan H., Guardia P., Brescia R., Fernandes S., Samia A.C.S., Teran F.J., Pellegrino T.
Di- And tri-component spinel ferrite nanocubes: Synthesis and their comparative characterization for theranostic applications
Nanoscale, vol. 13, (no. 32), pp. 13665-13680
Persano S., Vicini F., Poggi A., Fernandez J.L.C., Rizzo G.M.R., Gavilan H., Silvestri N., Pellegrino T.
Elucidating the innate immunological effects of mild magnetic hyperthermia on U87 human glioblastoma cells: An in vitro study
Pharmaceutics, vol. 13, (no. 10)
Avugadda S K., Wickramasinghe S., Niculaes D., Ju M., Lak A., Silvestri N., Nitti S., Roy I., Samia A C S., Pellegrino T.
Uncovering the Magnetic Particle Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features of Iron Oxide Nanocube Clusters
Nanomaterials, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. 62
Avellini T., Soni N., Silvestri N., Fiorito S., De Donato F., De Mei C., Walther M., Cassani M., Ghosh S., Manna L., Stephan H., Pellegrino T.
Cation Exchange Protocols to Radiolabel Aqueous Stabilized ZnS, ZnSe, and CuFeS2 Nanocrystals with 64Cu for Dual Radio‐ and Photo‐Thermal Therapy
Advanced Functional Materials
Balakrishnan P.B., Silvestri N., Fernandez-Cabada T., Marinaro F., Fernandes S., Fiorito S., Miscuglio M., Serantes D., Ruta S., Livesey K., Hovorka O., Chantrell R., Pellegrino T.
Exploiting Unique Alignment of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles, Mild Hyperthermia, and Controlled Intrinsic Cobalt Toxicity for Cancer Therapy
Advanced Materials, vol. 32, (no. 45)
Zyuzin M.V., Cassani M., Barthel M.J., Gavilan H., Silvestri N., Escudero A., Scarpellini A., Lucchesi F., Teran F.J., Parak W.J., Pellegrino T.
Confining Iron Oxide Nanocubes inside Submicrometric Cavities as a Key Strategy to Preserve Magnetic Heat Losses in an Intracellular Environment
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 11, (no. 45), pp. 41957-41971
Vecchione R., Quagliariello V., Giustetto P., Calabria D., Sathya A., Marotta R., Profeta M., Nitti S., Silvestri N., Pellegrino T., Iaffaioli R.V., Netti P.A.
Oil/water nano-emulsion loaded with cobalt ferrite oxide nanocubes for photo-acoustic and magnetic resonance dual imaging in cancer: in vitro and preclinical studies
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, vol. 13, (no. 1), pp. 275-286
Sathya A., Guardia P., Brescia R., Silvestri N., Pugliese G., Nitti S., Manna L., Pellegrino T.
CoxFe3-xO4 Nanocubes for Theranostic Applications: Effect of Cobalt Content and Particle Size
Chemistry of Materials, vol. 28, (no. 6), pp. 1769-1780