Dissemination videos

Demo videos

The new iCub3 avatar system enables a human operator to visit remotely the 17th International Architecture Exhibition @ La Biennale di Venezia
A couple gets a robot for psychological support after losing their only child. | Tob.ia
Test-bench experiment fro iRonCub
iCub reactive walking
INAIL video on ergoCub, a 5-million 3-year project on ergonomy and human sensing the lab started with INAIL
Our walking and teleoperation demo during the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show
Preparing the walking demo for the D&G fashion show
iRonCub flight simulation
Fifty shades of green - best video blooper award ICRA 2019
Dynamic Interaction Control lab's 2018 Year In Review
iCub dynamic balancing and walking
iCub teleoperated walking and manipulation
Momentum Control of an Underactuated Flying Humanoid Robot
First An.Dy sensorized suit prototype
EURONEWS - The future of work: human-robot collaboration
The H2020 EU An.Dy Project teaser
iCub performing highly dynamic Tai Chi while interacting with humans
iCub balancing on one foot while interacting with humans
iCub @ Italia's got talent
iCub balancing via external force control: first year results of the CoDyCo project
CoDyCo 4th year - Standing up demo