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Valentina Cappello

Senior Technician
Senior Technician
Electron Crystallography
Research center

I am highly experienced biologist working in the field of transmission electron microscopy investigation of biological samples in the last fifteen years; during the last ten years I have upgraded my knowledge and expertise with the preparation and analysis of non-biological samples such as polymeric and inorganic nanostructured materials. Furthermore, through my experience in electron microscopy, working mainly in the field of neurodegenerative disorders, I have gained in-depth competence and wide-spread experience in ultrastructural analysis of biomedical samples with a marked interest towards the analysis of a wide range of models of neurodegenerative disorders. I have also worked on viruses, bacteria and cell specimens and in the characterization of samples treated with nanostructured materials for drugs delivery and scavenging activity. During last few years I have also worked in the development of reagents and procedures useful in my field of interest publishing and patenting a significant number of works.


Title: PhD
Institute: Università degli Studi di Milano
Location: Milano
Country: Itali
From: 2009 To: 2011

Top Publications
Moscardini A., Di Pietro S., Signore G., Parlanti P., Santi M., Gemmi M., Cappello V.
Uranium-free X solution: a new generation contrast agent for biological samples ultrastructure
Scientific Reports, vol. 10, (no. 1)