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Sahand Eslami

Post Doc - Fellow
Vectorial Nano-imaging
Research center

Sahand holds a Bachelor degree in Physics and Astronomy, which is when he spotted an error in the contravariant derivation on the Eulerian component of the non-intertial quadriacceleration in the most generic metric in General Relativity, and a Master degree in Physics of Matter from University of Florence with a focus on atomic physics, when he built a brand new laboratory for the Bose-Einstein Condensation of Potassium gases for matter-wave interferometry purposes.

Was then awarded a Max Planck Fellowship and earned a PhD at the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Solid State Physics located in Stuttgart, where he specialized further on solid state optics and nanofabrication techniques. Beneath other contributions like having forged the tiniest human made screw ever, he created the first metamaterials to show magneto-chiral asymmetry, or circular negative index of refraction to visible light, induced by the dominance of circular birefringence respect to any other effect from matter-wave interaction.

He also briefly worked on the prototype of the Space Optical Clock at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig, while building up plans to join the Atomic and Solid State Physics Laboratories at Cornell University to pursue a futuristic project to trap and control ultracold quantum gases using plasmonic metamaterials, when the pandemic spread out and eventually ruined their world-changing plans.

He met Antonio Ambrosio some years ago at a conference on the Alps in Austria, where he taught him the rudiments of snowboarding during the conference breaks. During the covid lockdowns somebody in Harvard told Antonio that Sahand was in downtown Florence and he picked up his phone to call in.
While apparently Antonio didn't still improve much his snowboarding skills, presently Sahand is leading the nanofabrication side of the Vectorial Nano-imaging group of Milan at the labs of IIT in Genoa.

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