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Roberta Bianco

Marie-Curie fellow
Neuroscience of Perception and Action
Research center

I’m a post-doctoral research fellow interested in music and neuroscience.

I investigate the neurobiological foundation of the remarkable human sensitivity to auditory structures, as those underlying music. Much of my work has focused on how humans learn and memorise structured patterns, and how these may guide and facilitate musicians' actions during music playing. Currently, I am investigating the evolutionary origin of musical patterns sensitivity and the neural mechanisms that support conserved abilities. My research combines behavioural, electrophysiological and neuroimaging methods.


Title: PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience)
Institute: Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Location: Leipzig
Country: Germany
From: 2013 To: 2017

Title: BA (Medical Biotechnology)
Institute: Università degli Studi di Milano
Location: Milan
Country: Italy
From: 2005 To: 2008

Title: MSc (Neurobiology)
Institute: Università degli Studi di Pavia
Location: Pavia
Country: Italy
From: 2009 To: 2011

Title: BA (Music)
Institute: Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali F. Vittadini
Location: Pavia
Country: Italy
From: 2009 To: 2011

Experience External

Title: Research Associate
Institute: University College London
Location: London
Country: United Kingdom
From: 2017 To: 2021

Title: Visiting doctoral fellow
Institute: Concordia University
Location: Montreal
Country: Canada
From: 2016 To: 2017

All Publications
Bianco R., Novembre G., Ringer H., Kohler N., Keller P.E., Villringer A., Sammler D.
Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Is a Hub for Music Production from Structural Rules to Movements
Cerebral Cortex
Milne A.E., Bianco R., Poole K.C., Zhao S., Oxenham A.J., Billig A.J., Chait M.
An online headphone screening test based on dichotic pitch
Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation, vol. 53, (no. 4), pp. 1551-1562
Bianco R., Mills G., de Kerangal M., Rosen S., Chait M.
Reward Enhances Online Participants' Engagement With a Demanding Auditory Task
Trends in hearing, vol. 25
Di Liberto G.M., Pelofi C., Bianco R., Patel P., Mehta A.D., Herrero J.L., de Cheveigne A., Shamma S., Mesgarani N.
Cortical encoding of melodic expectations in human temporal cortex
eLife, vol. 9
Article Journal
Bianco R.
How regularities in sound sequences inform action planning: Neural and behavioral evidence from silent piano performance
Acoustical Science and Technology, vol. 41, (no. 1), pp. 355-357
Article Journal
Awards and Achievements
Bianco R., Novembre G.
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship: European
Bianco R.
ECR Bridging Grant
Bianco R.
Doctoral research visiting fellowship