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Diego Moruzzo

All-round Problem Solver
Senior Technician
Neuroscience and Smart Materials
Research center

Molecular Biology
- DNA and RNA
- PCR and qPCR
- Cloning and amplifications

Cellular Biology
- Managing Cell lines
- Infecting and Transfecting cells
- Virus engineering and preparation

Informatic and Communication Technology
- Managing of IIT networks authorizations
- Phisical assembly and scratchbuild of Computers
- Management of data, servers and memory storage

- Handling of Gas Cylinders and Medical Gas supply for the Center
- Knowledge in electrical lines and circuits
- Knowledge in water circuits and water purifiers/deionizers

- Contacts with companies and vendors
- SAP platform usage
- Confidence in IIT purchase protocols

Health and Safety
- ASPP Training
- BLSD and First Aid Training
- Fire Emergency Training