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Duan J., Li J., Divitini G., Cortecchia D., Yuan F., You J., Liu S., Petrozza A., Wu Z., Xi J.
2D Hybrid Perovskites: From Static and Dynamic Structures to Potential Applications
Advanced Materials
Scandurra C., Bjorkstrom K., Caputo M., Sarcina L., Genco E., Modena F., Viola F.A., Brunetti C., Kovacs-Vajna Z.M., Franco C.D., et al.
Analysis of Clinical Samples of Pancreatic Cyst's Lesions with A Multi-Analyte Bioelectronic Simot Array Benchmarked Against Ultrasensitive Chemiluminescent Immunoassay
Advanced Science
Pataki N. J., Zahabi N., Li Q., Rossi P., Cassinelli M., Butti M., Massetti M., Fabiano S., Zozoulenko I., Caironi M.
A Rolled Organic Thermoelectric Generator with High Thermocouple Density
Advanced Functional Materials

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