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Andrusenko I., Gemmi M.
3D electron diffraction for structure determination of small-molecule nanocrystals: A possible breakthrough for the pharmaceutical industry
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology
Mugnaioli E., Zucchini A., Comodi P., Frondini F., Bartolucci L., Di Michele A., Sassi P., Gemmi M.
3D electron diffraction study of terrestrial iron oxide alteration in the Mineo pallasite
Mineralogical Magazine
Makvandi P., Maleki A., Shabani M., Hutton A.R.J., Kirkby M., Jamaledin R., Fang T., He J., Lee J., Mazzolai B., Donnelly R.F., Tay F.R., Chen G., Mattoli V.
Bioinspired microneedle patches: Biomimetic designs, fabrication, and biomedical applications
Matter, vol. 5, (no. 2), pp. 390-429