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Molinari G., Aliotta L., Gemmi M., Lazzeri A., Righetti M.C.
Constrained amorphous interphase in plasticized poly(lactic acid): Composition and tensile elastic modulus estimation
Polymer Testing, vol. 131
Davis T., Tabury K., Zhu S., Angeloni D., Baatout S., Benchoua A., Bereiter-Hahn J., Bottai D., Buchheim J.I., Calvaruso M., et al.
How are cell and tissue structure and function influenced by gravity and what are the gravity perception mechanisms?
npj Microgravity, vol. 10
Sen O., Pucci C., Ciofani G.
Monitoring cell cytoskeleton variations upon piezoelectric stimulation: Implications for the immune system
Cancer Immunotherapy: Methods and Protocols, Publisher: Humana

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