C.P. - Ongoing projects TITLE

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C.P. - Ongoing projects list

Ergo-Lean (2019-2024)

Role: Coordinator

Ergo-Lean studies the human ergonomics during complex human-robot-environment interactions, by investigating workers practices in the workplaces in order to anticipate and understand the effect of these actions in the short, middle and long term.

SOPHIA (2019-2023)

Role: Coordinator

The H2020 SOPHIA project has been funded by the European Union with 6.5 million euro in order to develop smart and socially interactive human-robot manufacturing systems.

CONCERT (2021-2023)

Role: Co-Coordinator

CONCERT proposes the development of a new paradigm of high power/strength and adaptable collaborative robots, providing functionalities that are robust, safe and efficient under unstructured workspace conditions while executing a number of demanding representative tasks from the construction sector.

BRISK (2020-2022)

Role: PI

The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive instrument-based biomechanical risk assessment associated with the use of collaborative robots in work-related scenarios, through the design and development of a multi-sensor wearable platform.

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C.P. - Past projects TITLE

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C.P. - Past projects list

Amazon Research Awards (2018)

Role: Coordinator

The objective of this project was to create effective and lean logistics solutions through reconfigurable and mobile collaborative Robots.
Project timeframe: 2019-2020

SOMA (2015-2019)

Role: Co-PI

Soft Manipulation (SOMA) is the key for the development of simple, compliant, yet strong, robust, and easy-to-program manipulation systems. SOMA explored a new avenue of robotic manipulation, exploiting the physical constraints imposed by the environment to enable robust grasping and manipulation in dynamic, open, and highly variable contexts

SoftPro (2016-2020)

Role: Co-PI

SoftPro project aimed to study and design soft synergy-based robotics technologies to develop new prostheses, exoskeletons, and assistive devices for upper limb rehabilitation, which will greatly enhance the efficacy and accessibility to a greater number of users.

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