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Christian Di Natali

Advanced Robotics
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Di Natali C., Poliero T., Sposito M., Graf E., Bauer C., Pauli C., Bottenberg E., De Eyto A., O'Sullivan L., Hidalgo A. F., Scherly D., Stadler K. S., Caldwell D. G., Ortiz J.
Design and Evaluation of a Soft Assistive Lower Limb Exoskeleton
Article Journal
Ortiz J., Di Natali C., Caldwell D.G.
XoSoft - Iterative design of a modular soft lower limb exoskeleton
Biosystems and Biorobotics, vol. 22, pp. 351-355
Book Chapter Book Series
Sposito M., Poliero T., Di Natali C., Ortiz J., Pauli C., Graf E., de Eyto A., Bottenberg E., Caldwell D.G.
Evaluation of XoSoft Beta-1 Lower Limb Exoskeleton on a Post Stroke patient
Congresso Gruppo Nazionale di Bioingegneria
Conference Paper Conference
Poliero T., Di Natali C., Sposito M., Ortiz J., Graf E., Pauli C., Bottenberg E., De Eyto A., Caldwell D.G.
Soft wearable device for lower limb assistance: Assessment of an optimized energy efficient actuation prototype
2018 IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics, RoboSoft 2018, pp. 559-564
Conference Paper Conference
Di Natali C., Beccani M., Simaan N., Valdastri P.
Jacobian-Based Iterative Method for Magnetic Localization in Robotic Capsule Endoscopy
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, vol. 32, (no. 2), pp. 327-338