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[Tenure Track] - Mammalian Synthetic Biology

New Tenure Track Position
IIT is pleased to announce a new tenure track opening for one position in Mammalian Synthetic Biology
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[Tenure Track Program] - Call 2022/2023

Computational Neuroscience

For more information, please contact our Tenure Track Office (tenuretrack@iit.it).

Nanomaterials for low carbon energy transition

For more information, please contact our Tenure Track Office (tenuretrack@iit.it).

[Tenure Track Program] - Call 2022

RNA Biology and Genomics

Total applications: 36
Researchers joined IIT: Francesco Nicassio and Dafne Campigli di Giammartino

[Tenure Track Program] - Call 2020/21

Transmission Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Total applications: 18
Researcher joined IIT: Giorgio Divitini

Humanoid Robot Control Locomotion

Total applications: 12
Researcher joined IIT: Daniele Pucci

Computational Material Sciences

Total applications: 25

[Tenure Track Program] - Call 2017/18

Bioinformatics/Computational Biology

Total applications: 40
Researcher joined IIT

[Tenure Track Program] - Call 2016

Synthetic and Systems Biology

Total applications: 28
Researcher joined IIT: Velia Siciliano

Tissue Engineering

Total applications: 35
Researcher joined IIT: Francesca Santoro

Multidisciplinry approach to Biosystems Investigation

Total applications: 64

Robot Locomotion

Total applications: 14
Researcher joined IIT: Claudio Semini

[Tenure Track Program] - Call 2015

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Total applications: 55


Total applications: 56


Total applications: 49

Computational multi-scale modelling of materials

Total applications: 65

Nanotechnology/materials science

Total applications: 190

Molecular Biology

Total applications: 98

5 Researchers joined IIT

Arash Ajoudani
Sergey Artyukhin
Cristian Ciracì
Marco Polini
Massimiliano Pontil