Colloidal inorganic nanocrystals are among the most exploited nanomaterials to date due to their extreme versatility. Today, a rational synthetic approach to nanocrystals is of utmost importance due to the growing demand for nanomaterials having compositional diversity and that are engineered in shape, morphology and surface functionality such that they possess well-defined optical, electronic, magnetic, and catalytic features, for use in the most disparate fields of science and technology.

Our group targets many aspects of fundamental research in nanocrystals, ranging from the advanced synthesis, to the assembly and the study of chemical and structural transformations in nanomaterials. The applications are the focus of our research and span many disparate fields, including catalysis, energy storage, optoelectronics, and lighting. In collaboration with other groups at IIT, we develop applications in biomedicine (for example laser hyperthermia), for photodetection, and removal of heavy metals from contaminated fluids.


  • 2020-2023: Flag-Era JTC2019 "Solution-Processed Perovskite/ Graphene Nanocomposites for Self-Powered Gas Sensors (PeroGaS)"
  • 2020-2022:   ERC Proof of Concept "In-situ fabricated hydrogen evolution catalysts for alkaline water electrolysis” (HyCat) (contract n. 899412) 
  • 2019-2021:    AI-4-QD, Bilateral project with Israel (funded by the Italian Ministry of Research)
  • 2018-2020:    H2020-MSCA-IF-2017 project (RETAIN, contract n. 794560)
  • 2016-2019:    H2020 MSCA Research IF-GF project (MOPTOPus, contract n. 705444)
  • 2015-2020:    H2020 MSCA Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) project (Compass, contract n. 691185) 
  • 2014-2019:    European Research Council (ERC) FP7 Consolidator grant (TRANS-NANO, contract. n. 614897)
  • 2014-2016:    Fondazione Cariplo, project partner “Green nanomaterials for next-generation photovoltaics (GREENS)”
  • 2013-2016:    FP7-ICT-2013-FET-F “Graphene-Driven Revolutions in ICT and Beyond”
  • 2012-2014:    European FP7 Marie Curie IEF project (NIRPLANA, contract n. 298022)
  • 2012-2014:    European FP7 Marie Curie IEF project (LOTOCON, contract n. 301100)
  • 2013-2016:    European FP7 Marie Curie ITN project (MAGNETICFUN, contract n. 290248)
  • 2012-2015:    European FP7 large scale project (SCALENANO, contract n. 284489)
  • 2011-2014:    Italian FIRB project (Nanostructured oxides, contract n. RBAP115AYN)
  • 2009-2013:    European Research Council (ERC) FP7 starting grant recipient (NANO-ARCH, contract n. 240111)
  • 2009-2012:    European project FP7 SMALL, project partner (MAGNIFYCO, contract n. 228622)

IIT People

Principal Investigator
Liberato Manna



IIT Publications List

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