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Melloni A., Serani A., Tucci V.
Parental genome and brain functions: The case of genomic imprinting
Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine: Sex and Gender-Specific Biology in the Postgenomic Era, pp. 301-312, Publisher: Elsevier
Novembre G., Nguyen T., Bigand F., Tucci V., Papaleo F., Bianco R., Koul A.
Sociality and Timing: Correlation or Causation? Comment on ‘The evolution of social timing’ by Verga L., Kotz S. & Ravignani A.
Physics of Life Reviews, vol. 47, pp. 179-181
Mai L., Inada H., Kimura R., Kanno K., Matsuda T., Tachibana R.O., Tucci V., Komaki F., Hiroi N., Osumi N.
Advanced paternal age diversifies individual trajectories of vocalization patterns in neonatal mice
iScience, vol. 25, (no. 8)

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