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PhD defense Shamel Fahmi
24 APR 2021: Graduation of Dr. Shamel Fahmi

Congratulations to our fresh Dr. Shamel Fahmi for an excellent defense of his thesis "On Terrain-Aware Locomotion for Legged Robots"!

Congrats also to his supervisors Victor Barasuol, Michele Focchi, Andreea Radulescu, and Claudio Semini.

The PhD thesis and a recording of Shamel's defense is going to be publicly available soon.

Stay tuned for more!

DLS lab @ Maker Faire Rome and I-RIM
DEC 2020: Maker Faire Roma - The European Edition and I-RIM

The DLS lab is at Maker Faire - the European Edition and I-RIM! Come meet us virtually at our booth! We are going live Saturday 12th of December and Sunday 13th of December from 10:00 to 12:00 Italy time. See you there!

Michele Focchi @ Le Parole della Montagna 2020
17 JUL 2020: Le Parole della Montagna

Congratulations to our Michele Focchi for his talk at the event Le Parole della Montagna 2020 in Smerillo (Italy), together with our IIT colleague Alessandra Sciutti.

Octavio PhD defense
14 FEB 2020: Graduation of Dr. Octavio Villarreal Magaña

Congratulations to Octavio who defended his thesis on “Bridging Vision and Dynamic Legged Locomotion”! Congrats also to his main supervisor Victor Barasuol for a job very well done and also to our collaborator Patrick Wensing!