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Davide is a PhD student of the Visual Geometry and Modelling (VGM) group advised by dr. Alessio Del Bue.

Before joining VGM, Davide completed the BS in Information Engineering and the MS in Computer Engineering at University of Padova. During his master thesis, he investigated Multi-task learning under Prof. A. Chiuso.
All Publications
Talon D., Del Bue A., James S.
GANzzle: Reframing jigsaw puzzle solving as a retrieval task using a generative mental image
2018 25th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)
Conference Paper Conference
Talon D., Attanasio L., Chiariotti F., Gadaleta M., Zanella A., Rossi M.
Comparing DASH adaptation algorithms in a real network environment
European Wireless 2019 Conference, EW 2019, pp. 146-151
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