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Rupert J., Monti M., Zacco E., Tartaglia G.G.
RNA sequestration driven by amyloid formation: the alpha synuclein case
Nucleic Acids Research
Giambruno R., Rupert J., Zacco E.
Experimental methods to study protein–nucleic acid interactions
Advances in Protein Molecular and Structural Biology Methods, Publisher: Elsevier
Louka A., Bagnoli S., Rupert J., Esapa B., Tartaglia G. G., Cellerino A., Pastore A., Terzibasi Tozzini E.
New lessons on TDP-43 from old N. furzeri killifish
Aging Cell
Armaos A., Colantoni A., Proietti G., Rupert J., Tartaglia G. G.
catRAPID omics v2.0: going deeper and wider in the prediction of protein-RNA interactions
Nucleic Acids Research
Vandelli A., Monti M., Milanetti E., Armaos A., Rupert J., Zacco E., Bechara E., Delli Ponti R., Tartaglia G. G.
Structural analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genome and predictions of the human interactome
Nucleic Acids Research
Colantoni A., Rupert J., Vandelli A., Tartaglia G.G., Zacco E.
Zooming in on protein–RNA interactions: a multilevel workflow to identify interaction partners
Biochemical Society Transactions