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Mazzotta S., Lettieri S., Ferraro G., Bartoli M., Etzi M., Pirri C.F., Bocchini S.
A Concise Overview of Ultrasound-Assisted Techniques for the Production of 2D Materials
Processes, vol. 12, (no. 4)
DOI 10.3390/pr12040759 Review Journal
Pedico A., Molino D., Zaccagnini P., Bocchini S., Bertana V., Lamberti A.
Asymmetric CapMix Device Exploiting Functionalized Graphene Oxide and SPEEK Coatings for Improved Energy Harvesting From Salinity Gradients
Advanced Sustainable Systems
DOI 10.1002/adsu.202400106 Article Journal
Mazzotta S., Martis A., Serrapede M., Zaccagnini P., Risplendi F., Bianco S., Cicero G., Verga F., Pirri F., Lamberti A., Bocchini S.
Green synthesis of functionalized graphene-based material with dimethyl but-2-ynedioate for electrochemical energy storage devices
Journal of Energy Storage, vol. 90
Gianola G., Bartoli M., Pirri C.F., Bocchini S.
Hydrogen evolution through ammonia borane hydrolysis over iron tailored pig manure catalyst
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol. 51, pp. 21-28
Tawil M., Salina Borello E., Bocchini S., Pirri C.F., Verga F., Coti C., Scapolo M., Barbieri D., Viberti D.
Solubility of H2-CH4 mixtures in brine at underground hydrogen storage thermodynamic conditions
Frontiers in Energy Research, vol. 12
Salina Borello E., Bocchini S., Chiodoni A., Coti C., Fontana M., Panini F., Peter C., Pirri C.F., Tawil M., Mantegazzi A., Marzano F., Pozzovivo V., Verga F., Viberti D.
Underground Hydrogen Storage Safety: Experimental Study of Hydrogen Diffusion through Caprocks
Energies, vol. 17, (no. 2)
DOI 10.3390/en17020394 Article Journal
Astorino C., De Nardo E., Lettieri S., Ferraro G., Pirri C.F., Bocchini S.
Advancements in Gas Separation for Energy Applications: Exploring the Potential of Polymer Membranes with Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM)
Membranes, vol. 13, (no. 12)
Lourenco M.A.O., Frade T., Bordonhos M., Castellino M., Pinto M.L., Bocchini S.
N-doped sponge-like biochar: A promising CO2 sorbent for CO₂/CH₄ and CO2/N₂ gas separation
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 470
Molino D., Pedico A., Zaccagnini P., Bocchini S., Lamberti A.
Performance study of a thin film cation exchange membrane on carbon electrode for supercapacitor application
Electrochimica Acta, vol. 468
Maruccia E., Piovano A., Lourenco M.A.O., Priamushko T., Cavallo M., Bocchini S., Bonino F., Pirri F.C., Kleitz F., Gerbaldi C.
Revealing the competitive effect of N2 and H2O towards CO2 adsorption in N-rich ordered mesoporous carbons
Materials Today Sustainability, vol. 21
Aixala-Perello A., Pedico A., Laurenti M., Fontananova E., Bocchini S., Ferrari I.V., Lamberti A.
Scalable and highly selective graphene-based ion-exchange membranes with tunable permselectivity
npj 2D Materials and Applications, vol. 7, (no. 1)
Latini G., Signorile M., Rosso F., Fin A., d'Amora M., Giordani S., Pirri F., Crocella V., Bordiga S., Bocchini S.
Efficient and reversible CO2 capture in bio-based ionic liquids solutions
Journal of CO2 Utilization, vol. 55
Pedico A., Bocchini S., Tresso E., Lamberti A.
Enhanced Capacitive Deionization Exploiting Novel Functionalized Graphene Oxide Electrodes
Advanced Materials Technologies, vol. 7, (no. 8)
Sassone D., Zeng J., Fontana M., Farkhondehfal M.A., Pirri C.F., Bocchini S.
Highly Dispersed Few-Nanometer Chlorine-Doped SnO2Catalyst Embedded in a Polyaniline Matrix for Stable HCOO-Production in a Flow Cell
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 14, (no. 37), pp. 42144-42152
Sassone D., Bocchini S., Fontana M., Salvini C., Cicero G., Re Fiorentin M., Risplendi F., Latini G., Amin Farkhondehfal M., Pirri F., Zeng J.
Imidazole-imidazolate pair as organo-electrocatalyst for CO2 reduction on ZIF-8 material
Applied Energy, vol. 324