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Valentin Nica

Smart Bio-Interfaces
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Qian L., Liu W., Liu H., Nica V., Zhang S., Zhou Q., Song W., Zhang Q.
Fabrication of Raspberry-like Cytochrome C Surface-Imprinted Nanoparticles Based on MOF Composites for High-Performance Protein Separation
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 13, (no. 26), pp. 31010-31020
Article Journal
Nica V., Caro C., Páez-Muñoz J.M., Leal M.P., Garcia-Martin M.L.
Bi-magnetic core-shell CoFe2 O4 @MnFe2 O4 nanoparticles for in vivo theranostics
Qian L., Liu W., Yang M., Nica V., Yang J., Liu H., Ning L., Zhang S., Zhang Q.
Zwitterionic polymer chain-assisted lysozyme imprinted core-shell carbon microspheres with enhanced recognition and selectivity
Article Journal
Stumbea D., Chicos M.M., Nica V.
Effects of waste deposit geometry on the mineralogical and geochemical composition of mine tailings
Journal of Hazardous Materials
Article Journal
Puscasu E., Sacarescu L., Popescu-Lipan L., Nica V., Grigoras M., Domocos A., Lupu N., Creanga D.
Study on the effect of some surface phenomena on the properties of citrate capped cobalt doped ferrites
Applied Surface Science
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