Mesoscale Simulations

Mesoscale Simulations

The research line Mesoscale Simulations spins around two major topics

Computational Design of Mesoscale Materials

This activity is strictly related to the ERC Advanced Grant, Computational Modeling of Mesoscale Porous Materials,  (COPMAT). COPMAT is targeted to the simulation at near-molecular resolution of full-scale microfluidic reactors for the computational design of new mesoscale porous materials, mostly, but non-exclusively,  for bioengineering and regenerative medicine applications.


Multiscale Computational Physiology

The efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs is highly sensitive to the mechanisms by which such drugs are transported in the complex physiological environment of the human body.
In this activity, we plan to deploy highly innovative multiscale computational models for the detailed description of the vascular transport and tissue deposition of systemically administered nanomedicines.

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