Datasets and Code test

Datasets and Code

Over the years the lab has generated a large database of mouse rsfMRI scans that are either freely downloadable or available for researchers on a collaborative basis. Requests for datasets not directly downloadable here should be addressed to:


Mouse Voxelwise Connectome

Network structure of the mouse brain connectome with voxel resolution

Coletta, L., Pagani, M., Whitesell, J. D., Harris, J. A., Bernhardt, B., & Gozzi, A. (2020).


This resource contains the resampled, symmetrized version of the original voxel-wise connectome that we used for our analysis. We also provide the nifti masks of all the network properties descried in the manuscript, together with a set of simple matlab routines to probe incoming/outcoming/total axonal connectivity of any arbitrarily shaped region of interest.

Resting state fMRI in the lightly anesthetized mouse

Common functional networks in the mouse brain revealed by multi-centre resting-state fMRI analysis

Grandjean, J., Canella, C., Anckaerts, C., Ayrancı, G., Bougacha, S., Bienert, T., Buehlmann, D., Coletta, L., Gallino, D., Gass, N., Garin, C. M., Nadkarni, N. A., Hübner, N. S., Karatas, M., Komaki, Y., Kreitz, S., Mandino, F., Mechling, A. E., Sato, C., … Gozzi, A. (2020).


AMBC Collection

AMBC collection

The collection includes resting-state fMRI scans of over 600 mice of 20 distinct autism etiologies. Twelve cohorts were collected at the IIT functional neuroimaging lab and eight at ETH Zürich (Switzerland). Here is a full list of the mouse cohorts:




C-PAC is a software developed at Child Mind Institute to preprocess and de-noise human MRI scans. A IIT-CMI intergroup collaboration allowed to extend the capabilities of the software to preprocess and de-noise mouse rsfMRI time-series (C-PAC v1.6.0 Jan3, 2020).