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Luisana Di Cristo

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Murphy F., Dekkers S., Braakhuis H., Ma-Hock L., Johnston H., Janer G., di Cristo L., Sabella S., Jacobsen N.R., Oomen A.G., Haase A., Fernandes T., Stone V.
An integrated approach to testing and assessment of high aspect ratio nanomaterials and its application for grouping based on a common mesothelioma hazard
NanoImpact, vol. 22
Article Journal
Carnovale C., Guarnieri D., Di Cristo L., De Angelis I., Veronesi G., Scarpellini A., Malvindi M.A., Barone F., Pompa P.P., Sabella S.
Biotransformation of silver nanoparticles into oro-gastrointestinal tract by integrated in vitro testing assay: Generation of exposure-dependent physical descriptors for nanomaterial grouping
Nanomaterials, vol. 11, (no. 6)
Di Cristo L., Keller J.G., Dekkers S., Oomen A.G., Stone V., Wohlleben W., Sabella S.
Dissolution of nanomaterials in cascaded gastrointestinal simulants and the physiological role of digestive enzymes: criteria to establish gold standard dissolution method for grouping approaches
Virtual 10th International Conferenceon Nanotoxicology
Poster Conference
Di Cristo L., Oomen A.G., Dekkers S., Moore C., Rocchia W., Murphy F., Johnston H.J., Janer G., Haase A., Stone V., Sabella S.
Grouping hypotheses and an integrated approach to testing and assessment of nanomaterials following oral ingestion
Nanomaterials, vol. 11, (no. 10)
Article Journal
Ursini C.L., Fresegna A.M., Ciervo A., Maiello R., Del Frate V., Folesani G., Galetti M., Poli D., Buresti G., Di Cristo L., Sabella S., Iavicoli S., Cavallo D.
Occupational exposure to graphene and silica nanoparticles. Part II: pilot study to identify a panel of sensitive biomarkers of genotoxic, oxidative and inflammatory effects on suitable biological matrices
Nanotoxicology, vol. 15, (no. 2), pp. 223-237
Article Journal
Scientific Talks
Di Cristo L.
An integrated cellular approach to predict the risk of nanomaterials following occupational exposure
Nanoinnovation 2021
Di Cristo L., Dekkers S., Oomen A.G., Moore C., Janer G., Murphy F., Braakhuis H., Ma-Hock L., Johston H.J., Haase A., Bleeker E.A.J., Fernandes T., Stone V., Sabella S.
Grouping of nanoforms following oral ingestion: Development of an Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment within The EU Project GRACIOUS
Virtual 10th International Conference on Nanotoxicology
Di Cristo L., Sabella S.
3D models and innovative in vitro tests to evaluate the potential toxic effects of nanomaterials
Nanoinnovation 2019, 11-14 June, Rome, Italy