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Giulia Franceschin

Post-Doc Researcher
Post Doc
Cultural Heritage Technologies
Research center

Post-doctoral researcher in Conservation Chemistry and Materials at the Center of Cultural Heritage Technology of the IIT in Venice. Giulia is specialized in the design and study of complex solid materials and nano-structured inorganic systems. Her research is actually focusing on the multi-scale analysis of the physicochemical and structural properties of ancient materials (ceramics, metal alloys, glassy surfaces), to improve the understanding of the alteration mechanisms involved, and on the design of innovative protective strategies based on non-toxic and sustainable formulations.

In 2020, Giulia obtained an appointment as associate professor at the University of Paris. She has previously held PostDoc positions at French CNRS and at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris-Saclay,  when she collaborated with the SOLEIL Synchrotron in Paris and the C2RMF at the Louvre Museum. She was awarded her PhD in Surfaces, Interfaces and Functional Materials at the University of Paris Diderot in 2017.


Title: Qualification to the role of "Maîtres de Conférences"
Description: Qualification obtained by the French Ministry for Reserch and Education for Material Chemistry (section 33 of the French National Council of Universities) and Dense Environments and Materials (section 28 of the French National Council of Universities) sections.
Date: 27-02-2020

All Publications
Franceschin G., Zanini R., Iori G., Longo E., Divitini G., Tromba G., Traviglia A.
Non-destructive 3D exploration of silicate glass corrosion: a combined multiscale approach from the macro to the nanoscale
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 26, (no. 12), pp. 9697-9707
Article Journal
Abate F., De Bernardin M., Stratigaki M., Franceschin G., Albertin F., Bettuzzi M., Brancaccio R., Bressan A., Morigi M. P., Salvatore Daniele S., Traviglia A.
X-ray computed microtomography: A non-invasive and time-efficient method for identifying and screening Roman copper-based coins
Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 66, pp. 436-443
Article Journal
Lamuraglia R., Campostrini A., Ghedini E., De Lorenzi Pezzolo A., Di Michele A., Franceschin G., Menegazzo F., Signoretto M., Traviglia A.
A New Green Coating for the Protection of Frescoes: From the Synthesis to the Performances Evaluation
Coatings, vol. 13, (no. 2)
Zanini R., Franceschin G., Cattaruzza E., Traviglia A.
A review of glass corrosion: the unique contribution of studying ancient glass to validate glass alteration models
npj Materials Degradation, vol. 7, (no. 1)
Stucchi N. M. E., De Nardi C., Franceschin G., Ronchin L., Vavasori A., Traviglia A.
Characterisation of innovative mortar formulations for the restoration of roman mosaics.
Cardiff University School of Engineering – Research Conference 2023
Conference Paper Conference
Awards and Achievements
Traviglia A., Artesani A., Franceschin G., Keune K., Bertrand L.
Green conservation materials for European Heritage
Organized Events
Franceschin G., Roberta Z., Arianna T.
Glass and Conservation. The sustainability in Glass Conservation.
Traviglia A., Artesani A., Franceschin G., Keune K., Bertrand L.
Green conservation materials for European Heritage