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The Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies, established in 2009, develops materials and devices at the micro and nanoscale for enabling technologies for the human body, fostering real time monitoring of health, wellness and sport performance, new assays and tools for nanomedicine and new technologies for renewable energy harvesting and saving. CBN activities span from TRL1 to TRL7, exploiting high performance computation, for designing new materials and devices at the nanoscale, and full prototyping and testing capabilities in state of the art front-end and back-end facilities.
Figures and facts:
80+ persons from 8 countries
15 laboratories in 2500 m2
500+ publications in the last 5 years
13 international patents
3 startup companies
The aim of CBN is to producing state of the art science, technology and innovation in order to contribute at the economical and social development of its region.

The mission is to help the East-Southern Italian area to grow by stimulating and accelerating the creation of a hi-tech ecosystem, by motivating hi-tech entrepreneurship and technology transfer thus leading to new job opportunities and to a tangible social impact.

CBN strategy for the next years is to consolidating the scientific context and activities and defining a plan for the transfer on the market of the research results to make the center financially sustainable in the medium and long term.

With an investment of 20 M€ over 5 years the center has realized state of the art facilities for nanotechnology, nanochemistry, smart materials, bio/nano interactions, genomics and proteomics. In addition to the IIT internal budget, CBN has been very successful in attracting new resources in form of grants from regional, national and European competitive calls as well as from industrial grants and contracts.

Among others, it is worth to mention that in 2011 CBN has been awarded by two PON projects, ITEM and CESMEMO, whose budgets for CBN were 6.7M€ and about 2M€, respectively. The aim of these projects was to build state of the art infrastructures for BioMEMS (ITEM) and molecular medicine (CESMEMO) and to develop policies for technology transfer to support hi-tech industries and to develop spin-off companies, out of the public research, transforming them into business activities, for the economic and technological development of the Italian southern regions, and specifically of the Puglia’s area.

All the facilities were installed and fully running by 2013 when the scientific review panel has evaluated very positively the accomplished work and achieved results, making CBN a permanent center.

Thanks to these efforts and investments the CBN center is now, by right, among the most advanced facilities for micro- and nano- technologies, proteomics and genomics in Europe and worldwide.

CBN labs and facilities respond to the need of supporting the research activities, based on three main pillars: micro- and nano- technologies, bio-nano interactions and organic/inorganic nanomaterials. Their application is transversal to most IIT research lines and their implementation will be the key for succeeding in reaching the research and technology transfer targets, but also to allow external institutions, both private and public, to apply for collaborations, exploiting the state of the art facilities for R&D and advanced prototyping.