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Francesco Rizzi

Senior Technician
Nanotechnologies for Humans and Biosystems
Multifunctional Neural Interfaces with deep-brain regions
Computational Nanoplasmonics
Research center
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Mehdipour I., Madaro F., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Comprehensive experimental study on bluff body shapes for vortex-induced vibration piezoelectric energy harvesting mechanisms
Energy Conversion and Management: X, vol. 13
Article Journal
de Marzo G., Mastronardi V.M., Algieri L., Vergari F., Pisano F., Fachechi L., Marras S., Natta L., Spagnolo B., Brunetti V., Rizzi F., Pisanello F., De Vittorio M.
Sustainable, Flexible, and Biocompatible Enhanced Piezoelectric Chitosan Thin Film for Compliant Piezosensors for Human Health
Advanced Electronic Materials
Article Journal
de Marzo G., Vergari F., Mastronardi V. M., Algieri L., Natta L., Rizzi F., Pisanello F., De Vittorio M.
Biodegradable and transparent piezoelectric thin chitosan film: a green material for the development of flexible biomedical devices
Poster Conference
Mariello M., Guido F., Mastronardi V. M., Madaro F., Mehdipour I., Todaro M. T., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Chapter 13 - Micro- and nanodevices for wind energy harvesting
Nano Tools and Devices for Enhanced Renewable Energy, Publisher: Elsevier
Book Chapter Book
de Marzo G., Desmaele D., Algieri L., Natta L., Guido F., Mastronardi V. M., Mariello M., Todaro M. T., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Chitosan-Based Piezoelectric Flexible and Wearable Patch for Sensing Physiological Strain
Engineering Proceedings, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 12
Abstract Report Journal